Healthy food swaps for effective weight loss

“Try these small changes when you have your next meal or drink. Once you have got started, try thinking of your own healthier swaps, too,” the nutritionist said

Many people work extremely hard to lose weight. But in the process, they often forget that cutting out entire food groups can hamper the progress instead of aiding it. This is because rather than fully eliminating food groups, resorting to extreme dieting, or depriving oneself of favourite foods, the key lies in making some simple diet tweaks, and replacing high-calorie foods with low-calorie, healthy alternatives.

Throwing some light on such food swaps, nutritionist Lovneet Batra shared a post on Instagram.

According to her, instead of overhauling the entire diet to shed unwanted pounds, one should opt to “substitute healthier, lower-calorie foods or eating a smarter portion size”.

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Diet soda vs Aam panna

Artificially sweetened drinks may interfere with weight regulation mechanisms, disturb gut bacteria balance, and alter blood sugar regulation, while a cool glass of Aam Panna helps in electrolyte deficiency and keeps heat stroke at bay.

Pastry vs Lauki nutty kheer

Pastries are high in refined flours, sugar and transfat. Bottle gourd, on the other hand, is rich in dietary fibre, both soluble and insoluble, and when combined with milk provides protein, thus making it a low glycemic index food for diabetics.

Readymade sauces vs homemade chutneys

Sauces are a hidden source of salt or sugar, and sometimes unhealthy fats as well. Homemade chutneys are full of micronutrients that are good for gut health, help in digestion and thus, in speeding up metabolism as well.

Instant oats vs steel cut oats

Instant oats contain added sugar or salt and some chemicals as well. Steel-cut oats are full of soluble fibre, which help keep you fuller for longer. Thus, help in weight loss.

Readymade butter vs homemade butter

Market made butter contains transfats and is high in sodium content while homemade butter contains healthy fats, which help in mobilising stubborn body fat. “Still, it should be consumed in moderate quantities,” mentioned Batra.

“Try these small changes when you have your next meal or drink. Once you have got started, try thinking of your own healthier swaps, too,” she added.

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