Birmingham: Function was held in City of Birmingham Chaired by party president Raja Ashaq Sabir and conducted by Sec Gen Prof. Mumtaz Butt with Chief Guest Cllr. Sardar Amjad Abbasi newly elected Lord Mayor of Slough to commemorate 8th death anniversary of late Sardar Abdul Qayoum Khan former president of Jammu Kashmir Muslim Conference, during his life time held positions of Prime Minister/President of Jammu Kashmir holding the main STATE political party united during his tenure, furthermore stood tall against conspiracy to merge area under Pakistan administration as province, although his party ideology is to be part of Pakistan as whole state of Jammu Kashmir not fragments without compromising with Identity of Jammu Kashmir.

Since his demise steps are being taken by certain quarters to downgrade the offices of President/Prime Minister to Governor/Chief Minister without reference to general public all is being done on similar pattern of Indian occupied Jammu Kashmir in 1953 when India systemically took away the power of governance from citizens of the State.

Khaliq Qadri stated that he stood by his leader through thick and thin, it was honour to be associated with visionary leader, Riaz Butt former lord mayor said he has been with the party for last 40 years despite being member of other parties in past, Lord Mayor of Slough Cllr Sardar Amjad Abbasi stated that his current position is due to teaching of Late Sardar Abdul Qayoum Khan who groomed him into what he now and will always follow his footsteps to serve the people.

Najib Afsar chief coordinator of Jammu Kashmir Liberation Council (JKLC) said I attended todays function just to pay my tribute to great leader who stood against all odd to maintain the national identity of Jammu Kashmir as one segment despite being currently fragmented into various units and urge the party members to promote STATE political parties and encourage those who have left to return back to STATE political party and this will be the best tribute one can pay, he further stated that he has met with Sardar Atiq Khan sahib earlier this year and leadership of Jammu Kashmir Liberation league, Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front, Kashmir Freedom Movement and Jammu Kashmir Peoples Party encouraging all to join forces and oppose the evil designs to systemically fragment Jammu Kashmir with loss of our Identity.

Other speakers also paid glowing tribute as follows, Syed Ashiq Hussain Shah Kazmi Birmingham branch President, Javid Birmingham Sec Gen, Choudhary Shah Nawaz PPP, Shakeel Ahmed Advocate, Haji Salim, Mumtaz, Salim Awan, Bashir Karim

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