Kashmir Broadcasting Corporation is trading as KBC – a UK based multilingual, independent global satellite and online television channel broadcasting for South Asians across UK, Europe, Africa, Middle East and Asia was first launched on 21stAugust 2008 from Manchester studio, the channel stopped broadcasting after disposing Manchester studio in order to re-launch from Birmingham unfortunately due to certain issues the re-launch was delayed, the outstanding issue has been resolved and KBC will commence broadcasting online followed by other platforms. The channel was setup by a British Kashmiri entrepreneur in conjunction with experienced team, the first ever independent Kashmiri TV channel.


In the early years of 21st century some British Kashmiris with special interest in media, academia and community development issues spotted a significant gap in the South Asian media market. It appeared that certain South Asian communities are left out of this media revolution. Since these communities are over represented in the overseas South Asians and have shared cultural and linguistic identities and economic position, they form a niche market hence a golden business opportunity

The communities referred to above include the entire population of Jammu Kashmir State along with Pahari, Pothowari and Hindku speaking Pakistanis and Indians. What makes these over 30 million peoples across three geographical and national boundaries a single media market is the language they speak. Known generally as Pahari in Kashmir and adjacent areas of Pakistan and India, Pothowari and Hindku in Pakistan, the language is virtually one with very minute variations.

It was against this background that the first ever Pahari-Pothowari-Hindku television ‘KBC TV Channel’ was initiated in August 2008. The response was overwhelming across South Asia as well as amongst the overseas population.

The Kashmir Broadcasting Corporation, KBC is established by a veteran and resourceful British Kashmiri businessman with mature insight and track record of business development and management. It is here to take the broadcasting business to the next level. Joined hands by experienced staff and visionary programming team, KBC are now ready to bring back the channel to your television screens with a big bang.


The recent revolution in the communication and information technology has radically transformed the media scene by introducing a variety of new forms and formats of transferring and transmitting print, vocal and visual data across the globe.

One of the phenomena that the technological revolution has given birth to is the increasing number of independent television channels that have mushroomed all over the world bringing the most invisible parts and people out of invisibility and connecting them.

South Asia – India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan and Kashmir – and South Asians settled across the world are no exception. Dozens of new independent television channels have been established over the last few decades inside South Asia and amongst South Asians across the world.

Being a rich land of linguistic and cultural diversity and plurality, the South Asian media scene has transformed over the past two decades from the ‘age of state television’ to independent reporting and programming. The satellite television channels connected South Asians across the world in a way that was never before.

Today the satellite signals are carrying and beaming programmes in almost all major languages of South Asia for the population within the boundaries of South Asian countries as well as large Diasporas across the world.


Potentially the whole of Asia, Africa, Middle East, UK and Europe is the market of KBC. However, its target audience include the entire population of Jammu Kashmir along with Pahari, Pothowari and Hindko speaking Pakistanis and Indians in South Asia and across the world. But the transmissions of KBC are not to be confined to these communities. It will also cater for the wider English speaking audience across the globe and Punjabi, Urdu and Hindi speaking population of South Asia. The core viewers or the niche market of KBC is estimated to over 30 million people of which nearly 5 millions are settled in UK, Europe and Middle East with higher buying power due to long and sustained migration tradition.


The KBC is rich in finance and social capital and housed in a spacious studio equipped with modern technology. It is being launched on very sound footings, both financial and managerial, with a vibrant infrastructure in South Asia as well as in UK, Europe and Middle Eastern countries.

A very strong and dedicated team of managers, engineers, presenters, news casters and marketing staff is ready to meet the challenge of making you proud of your television.


Primarily KBC is a life style, information and entertainment channel. The programmes will include live interactive discussions and chat shows along with pre recorded soaps, sitcoms, music, spiritual programmes and sports coverage.  Some of the most popular programmes include ‘Aapni Bettak’, ‘Rachiyal Report’, ‘Aapna Britain’, Young Sung’, ‘Aapni Sehat’, ‘watan aapna janat ka nishan’  ‘Aapna Vakeel’, ‘Pothowar Rang’, ‘Pahar Rang’ , Punjab Rang, Kashiri Rang, Dogari Rang, Gojari Rang, Poonch Hour, Bhimber Hour and many more.


In terms of advertisement KBC has two great advantages.

  • It offers new opportunities for the Kashmiri, Pothowari and Hindku entrepreneurs and businesses in South Asia and amongst the overseas population to advertise their businesses across the world.
  • It opens up the huge and hitherto untapped or invisible market of Jammu Kashmir, Pothowar, Hindku region and Himachal Paradesh to the wider South Asian and multinational businesses and global institutions to communicate with these communities in the languages they speak. It is common sense that advertisements and campaign messages in mother tongues of the viewers has far reaching effects than foreign languages.


Multilingualism is a great asset of modern communication at global level. KBC tends to broadcast in all major languages spoken in the state of Jammu Kashmir and in South Asia in general. While the languages spoken across Kashmir include Kashiri, Pahari, Dogari, Gojari, Kishtwari, Ladakhi, Sheena, Broshiski, and Punjabi, Kashmir was the first state in South Asia where Urdu was adopted as official language in 1905.

Since 1947 Hindi has also been emerged as one of the state languages as well as English that has become state language at the government level as well as at public level due to large scale migration to UK and USA and strong linkages between Kashmiri Diaspora with Kashmir. The closeness and similarities between Pahari and Pothowari and Hindku languages and communities make programmes in these languages an essential component of KBC programming and news coverage.

The core languages of KBC programming include English, Pahari, Pothowari, Hindku, Kashiri, Dogari, Punjabi and Urdu. However, there will be programmes in other languages of Kashmir and South Asia in general.


Objectivity, fairness, inclusion, accuracy and empowerment are the cornerstones of KBC policy. While KBC is a Kashmiri channel, it is not to propagate any specific political, religious or sectarian viewpoint. KBC is the home to all viewpoints. However, we are strongly opposed to any form of prejudice or discrimination on the grounds of race, colour, creed, ideology, ethnicity, religion or cultural background. In other words our policy is based on the philosophy of Kashmiriyat that means tolerance, coexistence, peace, justice and progress.

Another feature of KBC policy is to give voice to the voiceless communities across Kashmir, South Asia and the world.


There are several ways that you can be part of the KBC initiative.

  • If you have skills in any media field from reporting to camera to editing or presenting and news casting apply with your CV @ [email protected]
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