Pakistan have failed miserably in stopping the anti-Kashmir moves of Modi Government

3 million non-state subjects of Kashmir have been given citizenship. Syed Salahuddin

The day of great deception that is 5 January has arrived again to put salt on the deep wounds of the oppressed Kashmiris. When in 1949, world powers owned and controlled United Nations Organization passed a unanimous resolution which gave the Right of Self Determination to the oppressed Kashmiri people. The imperialistic and repressive India not only trampled such resolution but also many similar resolutions of the United Nations were crushed upon. By which millions of lives, thousands of our sisters were raped and properties worth of billions were turned to ashes to keep their forceful military occupation, the dumb, deaf and blind United Nations kept watching as a spectator  and still has turned a blind eye and has maintained his selfish and criminal silence.

Especially after the 5th August 2019, the internal demography (autonomy), geography and history is being rapidly changed. Approximately 3 million non-state subjects of Kashmir have been given citizenship under the new Domicile Law. To establish the residential settlements, agricultural land is being converted into non-agricultural land.

The natural reserves, financial resources like land and property are being forcefully seized from the people of Kashmir.
The Kashmiri people are being sacked from the key positions in the administration and other jobs to create a sense of fear in the people and to suppress the ongoing freedom movement of Kashmir.

In no difference, like the oppressed Palestinians, a plan is being hatched to force the state Muslims to live as refugees by evicting them from their land and property۔ If Indian initiatives continue at the same pace, Kashmir will hardly be found on the world map in a few years.

Unfortunately, the semi-crude and very weak (shallow) Kashmir policy and efforts of the backers of the independence movement, Pakistan have failed miserably in stopping the anti-Kashmir moves of Modi Government (Sarkar). The urgent and dire need of the situation is that the people and the leadership of the state across the border should be ready for a decisive struggle against the occupying imperialism. Otherwise, there will no clue of our existence in the history.

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