People of Afghanistan defeated superpowers twice in 40 years first the USSR and now the USA

Najib Afsar Chief Coordinator of JKLC congratulate the people of Afghanistan

Najib Afsar Chief Coordinator of JKLC congratulate the people of Afghanistan for their victory over the defeat of world superpower USA after 20 years intense battle with loss of huge lives on both sides, this is second time in 40 years that people of Afghanistan defeated superpowers first the USSR and now the USA, once you have faith, Will, determination and unity, victory will be yours, this is important lesson for us Kashmiris that if people of Afghanistan can defeat two Superpowers in 40 years then India is no match.

Those who are conspiring fragmentation of Jammu Kashmir are warned that they will never succeed in their conspiracy, recent local elections in Gilgit Baltistan and so called (Azad) Jammu Kashmir both parts under Pakistan administration proved that Pakistan is no different from India, the only difference between both India is brutal occupier and Pakistan is devious occupier but both have same agenda of fragmenting Jammu Kashmir between them with assistance of local puppets and stooges.

Defeat of USA in Afghanistan and Pakistan direct Dictation in AJK elections and appointments shown Imran Khan’s true colours and encouragement to take the issue of Jammu Kashmir in our own hands. JAMMU KASHMIR IS NOT FOR SALE.

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