Pakistani Minister opposed in Kashmir and ordered to leave the territory immediately!

Protests against Ali Gandapur of PTI in Jammu Kashmir

Protests against Ali Gandapur of PTI in Jammu Kashmir, Kashmiris demanded the release of the youth who opposed his presence in Kashmir. Recently during local elections in indirectly Administered 4000 Square Mile territory of Jammu Kashmir Pakistani political parties have made the battle ground to score their goals, these non state actors have no rights to manipulate the elections process, bribery is at peak and thugism is at loose to retain money making machine.

Kashmiri few puppets are used by these family companies under the banner of political parties to retain their hold for monetary gains and keep the Citizens away from Freedom struggle which is in full swing just across the forceful ceasefire line drawn by foreign Armies.

Jammu Kashmir belong to her Citizens not India nor Pakistan.

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